Coming soon! This will be a list of “how to get started” resource that I think would be good for libraries’ specific cases (e.g. on a budget).

General Skills

YouTube Creator Academy – A good place to start. YouTube dropped a bunch of money into this and has a team in charge of keeping content relevant and up-to-date. Lessons are in module format, and the site itself feels very much like a MOOC or LMS platform. It’s also pretty searchable, and lessons are broken down by category (e.g. Audience, Content, Production, Getting Started).

How to do Mobile Video – For those who want to jump right in, here’s a guide that I was commissioned to create in August of 2018 for business students from various backgrounds. It’s published under a CC-BY 2.0 license, so feel free to share and remix with whomever needs it (just please refer folks back to me or the source document). It’s very much step-by-step, and includes worksheets & checklists to help you think through what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to do it better.