Genre Guide

Coming soon! This is where you’ll find an ever-growing list of genres on YouTube, a brief description of them, and how they might be applicable to libraries.


People talking about books, typically in a very vloggy format. Reviews, book love exuberance, “what I’ve been reading,” etc…

YouTube EDU

Videos created with the express purpose of educating viewers on or inspiring curiosity about a subject; usually the same subject across a channel.


Videos showing creators playing through a game while also providing narration or showing their reactions to the game.
  • Library Relevance: Sometimes folks will watch other people play the games that they can’t, or for entertainment value. Yep, including minecraft.
  • ExamplesjacksepticeyemarkiplierDaisyyMichelle


Videos created to guide the viewer through the completion of some kind of task or process.
  • Library Relevance: step-by-step instructions on how to do something very specific (home improvement, programming, cooking, math).
  • Examples: Bon Appétit, NanciPi, ExcelIsFun

Think Pieces

Similar to EDU, but more of a one-shot rather than following a theme or subject area across an entire channel.
  • Library Relevance: Satisfying curiosity, answering questions you didn’t realize you had. Often cover contemporary ideas.
  • ExamplesveritasiumVsaucePBS Idea Channel


V(ideo B)logs created as a platform for individuals to talk about whatever topics come to mind. Authentic, intimate, and interpersonal by design.


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