Week 4.1: Examples of libraries on YouTube

This is less of a buffet and more of a sampler plate, for y’all who are curious about how libraries are already using YouTube. I tried to find videos from a variety of institutions in size and type, as well as a variety of video types, but there are a ton more out there… Which I will hope to tackle with the 2nd phase of this project: the Librarian’s YouTube Toolkit. Check out next week’s post for details!

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Week 3.1: YouTube Genre Display Case

As a follow-up to the previous post, this one’s a list of different genres on YouTube, a bit of a description, and links to example channels that generally fall into that category to give you an idea of how they play out. Note that many channels might fall into multiple genres, and also that this list is by no means exhaustive.


People talking about books, typically in a very vloggy format. Reviews, book love exuberance, “what I’ve been reading,” etc…

YouTube EDU

Videos created with the express purpose of educating viewers on or inspiring curiosity about a subject; usually the same subject across a channel.


Videos showing creators playing through a game while also providing narration or showing their reactions to the game.
  • Library Relevance: Sometimes folks will watch other people play the games that they can’t, or for entertainment value. Yep, including minecraft.
  • ExamplesjacksepticeyemarkiplierDaisyyMichelle


Videos created to guide the viewer through the completion of some kind of task or process.
  • Library Relevance: step-by-step instructions on how to do something very specific (home improvement, programming, cooking, math).
  • Examples: Bon Appétit, NanciPi, ExcelIsFun

Think Pieces

Similar to EDU, but more of a one-shot rather than following a theme or subject area across an entire channel.
  • Library Relevance: Satisfying curiosity, answering questions you didn’t realize you had. Often cover contemporary ideas.
  • ExamplesveritasiumVsaucePBS Idea Channel


V(ideo B)logs created as a platform for individuals to talk about whatever topics come to mind. Authentic, intimate, and interpersonal by design.

Week 2.1: Libraries vs. YouTube – Collection Development

Libraries have things in all kinds of shapes and formats, and generally these things are acquired according to some kind of policy. For ease (as I just finished my course on Collection Management this summer), here’s a definition by Peggy Johnson in “Fundamentals of Collection Development & Management”:

Collection development: Originally denoted activities involved in developing a library collection in response to institutional priorities and user needs and interests— that is, the selection of materials to build a collection. Collection development was understood to cover several activities related to the development of library collections, including selection, determination and coordination of policies, needs assessment, collection use studies, collection analysis, budget management, community and user outreach and liaison, and planning for resource sharing.

Johnson, Peggy.  (2014).  Fundamentals of Collection Development & Management, 3rd edition.  Chicago, IL:  American Library Association.  (Emphases mine)

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