Hi, I’m Peter! You can learn more about me here, but let me tell you a little bit about this blog because maybe you have questions.

this is me!

I created this blog first and foremost as a deliverable for my Directed Studies course at the iSchool@UBC. At the moment of writing this, I’m just starting my final term, and so I decided to do this (otherwise optional) Directed Study as my own little capstone on what I’ve learned.

Also relevant, I have a YouTube channel called Stacks & Facts, where I talk about  LIS topics in a way that (I hope!) makes them approachable to folks outside of the field. Eventually, a very nice person at the American Library Association found out that I was doing this, and so they invited me to speak at the ALA Midwinter 2019 conference. I definitely, definitely accepted.

Not one to waste a perfectly good opportunity to multitask, I also decided to use this Directed Studies as an opportunity to prepare for that — no really; I wrote it into the syllabus proposal. I figured that if I’m going to do something good, then I should do it in a way that benefits people other than myself. Hence, blog! Also, hence, informal writing style. 

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to be supervised in my directed study by Dr. Julia Bullard, Assistant Professor at the UBC’s iSchool.


A debt of gratitude to the following folks who were kind enough to review and provide feedback on my syllabus:

I’m also grateful to all of my professors here at UBC, who I ultimately blame for me wanting to take this project on in the first place by showing me how rad LIS is:

  • Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
  • Dr. Richard Arias-Hernandez
  • Dr. Rick Kopak
  • Dr. Aaron Lohrlein
  • Dr. Eric Meyers
  • Dr. Lisa Nathan
  • Dr. Heather O’Brien
  • Laurie Prange-Martin
  • Lee Anne Smith