It all started with a question: how can libraries use YouTube to serve their patrons’ needs, and maybe even bring them to the reference desk?

This blog is all about that sweet spot where libraries and online video can come together in a meaningful way to serve the information needs of communities around the world. This can mean YouTube as a reference tool itself, but also YouTube as a marketing/outreach tool, or as an instructional tool, or many other uses. There’s beenĀ a lot of talk about bringing the library to the people where they are instead of expecting them to come to us, so might libraries finding their way on YouTube be an extension of that?

If you want some more information on this blog, have a look at the About section. Otherwise, expect weekly posts on Library/YouTube relevent topics: barriers to starting with YouTube, privacy, copyright concerns, different YouTube communities, what’s been done already, and more. So, have a look below: